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Data collection for hydro chemical, hydrological, hydrogeological,

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Public Awarenesss

The Centre from time to time conducts capacity building..

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An Oasis of Groundwater Knowledge


To Promote Research, Education and Training for Sustainable Management and Development of Groundwater Resources


A premier Regional Centre in Groundwater Research and Capacity Building

Core Values

Integrity, Professionalism, Innovativeness, Sustainability

Postal Address

Bishop Rd,NSSF Building 16th Floor Block A Western Wing, P.O Box 41156-00100,Nairobi

Customer Support

Tel: 020-8008004
Email: info@rcgw.go.ke

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of your institution?

Our institution is dedicated to the sustainable management and development of groundwater resources. We achieve this through research, education, collaboration, and advocacy.

Why is groundwater management important?

Groundwater is a crucial resource for various human activities, including drinking water supply, agriculture, and industrial processes. Sustainable management is essential to ensure the availability and quality of this vital resource for present and future generations.

What are your core activities?

We conduct research on aquifer systems, advocate for sound groundwater management policies, offer training programs, and promote public awareness about the importance of responsible water use.

How do you promote public participation?

We organize workshops and seminars, provide educational resources, and encourage collaboration with various stakeholders, including the public, private sector, and local communities.

How can I learn more about groundwater management?

We offer training programs and educational resources on our website and through various outreach initiatives. You can also participate in our workshops and seminars or contact us for further information.

What are the current challenges related to groundwater?

Some of the main challenges include over-extraction, pollution, and climate change. We work towards addressing these issues through research, education, and policy advocacy.

How can I contribute to sustainable groundwater management?

You can participate in public awareness campaigns, adopt water-saving practices in your daily life, and support organizations working to protect this precious resource.

How can I collaborate with your institution?

We welcome collaboration with various entities. You can explore partnership opportunities, attend our events, or engage with us through our website or social media channels.

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