Our Mandate

i. Initiate and conduct research in mapping and assessment of aquifer systems.

ii. Management, conservation, protection and Governance of groundwater resources.

iii. Offer training programmes, workshops, seminars in groundwater resources management and development.

iv. Provide a forum for effective collaboration with the public, private sectors and all other persons, whether local or foreign for the development of groundwater resources.

v. Promote civic education through public awareness programme in relation to groundwater management.

vi. Prepare, disseminate and transmit scientific and technical information through the mass media, e-learning, distance learning and any other mode especially with regard to local and regional scientific , technical and management knowledge in the various domains of groundwater management and development.

vii. Initiate and propose policy review on groundwater management.

viii. Offer consultancy services in groundwater management.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • RCGW aims to provide a regional platform for research and training on water resources focusing on groundwater resources management and policy.
  • RCGW works to improve management, conservation, protection of groundwater resources and aquifer recharge through capacity building.
  • RCGW promotes the education of the public and its representatives, and specific targeted audiences, through awareness raising activities.
  • RCGW guard’s knowledge management of scientific and technical information and support the exchange of information, in particular with regard to local scientific, technical and managerial knowledge.