Regional Centre on Groundwater Resources Training Programmes are necessary for the Centre to meet its core mandates. These programmes has been developed with the following background:

  1. The Centre is committed to support professional development through provision of training on groundwater resources in order to enhance skills of professionals in water related fields/institutions that promotes groundwater resources management and governance.
  2. The Centre progressively identify groundwater training needs among the professionals and has developed informative courses to address them.
  3. The Centre is partnering and collaborating with government agencies and institutions, and other national, regional and international groundwater research organizations in building capacity on groundwater resources management.
  4. The Office of the Deputy Director in charge of Capacity Building and Knowledge Management is responsible for coordinating the training Programmes.

Working for Tomorrow

RCGW aims to promote regional cooperation on the ‘Management of Groundwater Systems’, train water professionals, partner with member states in addressing regional needs, and contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is also in line with Kenya’s development agenda as outlined in the Vision 2030, the Big Four Agenda, the Africa Agenda 2063.